JustinmJustin Mote became a Christian as a teenager through a teacher at school. After school, he worked in retailing before going to theological college. He has served in various churches in the UK and is currently the Director of the North West Ministry Training courses, seeking to equip people for a Bible teaching ministry in local churches. Justin is married to Jo and they have three children. He loves watching cricket and would love to play golf better.

Justin was the main speaker of Cross Word 2014 where he took us through the book of Revelation. We look forward to having him back to take us through Romans.

SolangaSolanga Mkiva is an assistant minister at St James Church, Summerstrand in PE with particular oversight of the youth and music ministries there. He is married to the lovely Lu and they have a little baby boy, Ezra. Although he was born in Cape Town, Solanga grew up in PE and studied at NMU. Later he studied theology at GWC. He became a Christian after hearing someone’s testimony and becoming convicted that Jesus is Lord and he could only be saved by his grace. He say he will eat anything… as long as it’s not baby marrows!