Thanks for signing up!

All set—we’ve got your details.

Now it’s up to you and your folks to do the following, crucial steps to reserve your spot:

  1. Complete this indemnity form and email it to
  2. Pay either:
    1. the deposit of R700
    2. the full amount of R1400 (or R1200 if you’re a sibling)

    and send your proof of payment by SMS to 074 302 8329 or email to

NB! Only once we’ve received your indemnity form will your camp acceptance letter be sent to you and your parents and only once we’ve received your deposit will your place be reserved.

Ways to pay:

  • Go to your nearest Standard Bank and fill out a deposit slip with our bank details on it. Then go to the cashier and hand over your deposit slip with your money and they’ll deposit it into our account. The reference on the slip must be the campers name—NB!


  • You can also get your parents to do an EFT online. Just plug in these details as a beneficiary and you’re all set to go. Again, please use the campers name as a reference—this is very important.
Name:        Cross Word Cape Youth Camp
Bank:        Standard Bank
Branch:      Kromboom
Branch Code: 026209
Account:     072 898 607
  • Then send us proof of payment—either as:

NB! No cash will be accepted on camp. Only direct deposits and EFTs are accepted. We cannot guarantee you a place until your deposit is paid.