Fund Razor

Fund Razor

The Fund-Razor is (apart from the time spent in God’s Word) the highlight of the Cross Word Cape Youth Camp. It’s an enormous amount of fun AND it raises money for an awesome cause. Boom!

Here is how it works:

An enormous amount of fun is probably the best way to describe the Fund-Razor. 60 minutes is all you have to score as many points as possible. Points are scored by running laps of the iconic obstacle course, completing any number of our wacky side challenges or simply by bringing back your sponsorship form! A sponsorship form with your details filled out is worth 500 points!

Raising money for an awesome cause is the other goal of the Fund-Razor. Sponsorship form in hand it’s time to ask your Mom, Dad, Annoying Sister, Best Friend, Neighbour, Church Aunty and your Uncle Bob to consider sponsoring your Fund-Razor efforts. Every cent you raise goes towards training more awesome youth workers at a place called George Whitefield College. This is a college that teaches your youth pastors how to read and teach the bible. We think that is pretty important and that nobody should be excluded by the cost!

There will be PRIZES for all sorts of people and achievements.

Here are some of the best ways to win some:

  • Be one of the individuals who put the most effort into raising funds.
  • Get your youth group to bring back the most sponsorship forms.
  • Be the team with the most points in your age and gender category.
  • Score the most individual points in your age and gender category.

NB! This year a returned sponsorship form with your details filled out will be worth 500 points!!!

When you get to camp you’ll need to bring the following to registration:

  • sealed envelope with your sponsorship form and all money raised
  • please write clearly on the front; “Fund-Razor” and your name and your youth group

Need more sponsor forms? Download the Fund-Razor Form.

Yours in Christ,
Team Crossword

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