Terms and Conditions

By signing up for this camp, you and your son or daughter agree to the following terms and conditions:


I hereby undertake to at all times obey the rules of the camp, which are available on the commencement of the camp or as will be determined by the camp leader in his/her sole and absolute discretion. I understand that should I contravene any of the camping rules that I may be expelled from camp and be returned home.


As a parent/guardian, I understand and accept that all transportation and activities will be undertaken at my own risk and I hereby indemnify Cross Word and the Church of England in South Africa (C.E.S.A) and its employees, agents, representatives or functionaries, against any claims which may arise in connection with the damage to or loss of property, or injury to myself, regardless the cause thereof, including without limiting the generality thereof damage, loss and or injury caused by or through the negligence of any C.E.S.A. employees, agents, representatives or functionaries, and I hereby indemnify C.E.S.A. employees, agents, representatives or functionaries against any such claim.

Furthermore, at the discretion of the camp directors and/or the camp medic, I/we give permission for my/our son/daughter to be taken to the doctor or hospital. Furthermore, I give permission for the camp directors and/or the camp medic to sign all necessary medical documents so as to obtain medical attention for my/our son/daughter, and that I/we will be exclusively liable for all expenses through my/our medical aid or in my/our personal capacity.

Furthermore, I/we the parents of the camper hereby acknowledge that in the event that our child is expelled from camp due to a contravention by him/her of any of the camping rules, we will be responsible for all the expenses to enable the camping committee to arrange for our child’s return home.

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